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Exclusive Services

Your form has been successfully submitted. 

Your form has not been submitted because an error has occurred.

Our office receives a high volume of calls every day from individuals seeking legal help. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every case. If you wish for us to consider taking on your school  case, you must provide us with the required information to determine if the case has merit. This information requested in the forum is essential in us deciding whether or not we want to accept your case.

Please answer each of the following questions as accurately and factually as you can. 

Because of the high volume of calls we receive each day, this forum is used to screen potential clients. If we believe your case has merit, we will contact you after reviewing the information you provide us. Please be aware that our office may not respond to your inquiry at all, and that you alone are responsible for knowing and meeting any deadlines in your case. We will not offer any legal advice until we receive and review your information that you provide. 

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