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Giana Ortiz



Conducting School Investigations That Result in Useable Findings, On Time, and Within Budget, CLE  Panelist .75 hr (.5 hr Ethics), UT Law CLE School Law Conference (February 2017).


Discovery Motions: Practical Tips for Picking and Winning Battles, 72 ADVOC. : STATE BAR LITIG. SEC. REP. 34 

(Fall 2015).

Ethical Issues Related To Storing Client Information On Personal Devices Or On A Third Party Service, CLE  Speaker .75 hr (.5 hr Ethics), State Bar of Texas School Law Retreat (July 2015).


Cloud Computing: Ethical Authorities and Considerations for the Texas Attorney, Presentation & Paper 29th Annual Annual State Bar of Texas School Law Section Retreat (Summer 2015).


Whether State-Propounded Employment-Based Immigration Regulations Are Surviving Preemption Challenges—A Look at Whiting and Arizona," Hous. L. Rev. – HLRe: Off the Record, (November 1, 2012).


"Where Are the Courts Drawing the Line? The Contours of Preemption and Other Constitutional Bases for the Enjoinment of Modern State-Propounded Immigration-Related Statutes and Ordinances," Thurgood Marshall Law Review, Vol. 37, Page 81 (Fall 2011).


Medical Malpractice Damage Caps— Constitutional Per Se in Texas, but at What Price? A Look at Alternative Patient Compensation Schemes, 43 Hous. L. Rev. 1281 (2006).



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